Pension Fund of Sweden has sold its stake in Gazprom

Пенсионный фонд Швеции продал долю в Газпроме

In the opinion of the Fund, the company is in violation of the Paris agreement on climate protection.

Largest Swedish pension Fund AP7 sold their shares in six companies, including Russian Gazprom, accusing them of violating the Paris agreement on climate protection. In the report of the Fund published on Friday, 16 June, says that AP7 got rid of its stake in the canadian TransCanada and ExxonMobil, Entergy, Southern Corp. and Westar.

The document clarifies that us companies have fought against the introduction of legislation on climate protection in the United States, and canadian – built major pipelines in North America. As for Gazprom, the claims associated with the oil exploration in the Arctic.

AP7 – the only public participant in the formation of the pension in Sweden. According to April 2016, he belonged to 0.07 shares in Gazprom.

At the same time, ExxonMobil said the company disagrees with the actions of the AP7, which are not informed about their evaluation criteria. In the Entergy company expressed regret in connection with the decision of the Swedish pension Fund, noting that the reasons for this step appear to be unfounded.

We will remind, recently the court allowed Kiev to Gazprom.

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