Pensions the Ukrainian higher for men than women

Пенсии у украинских мужчин выше, чем у женщин

Men usually have better earnings and, accordingly, a better pension.

In Ukraine 3 million citizens have full insurance period and pension below the average. Among them, 2.5 million women and 500 million men. On Wednesday, December 13, on air of TV channel 112 Ukraine said the Minister of social policy Andrei Reva.

“The average pension today – 2448 UAH. So less than this amount in full payment record receive 2.5 million women and one million men. In men, it appears, still the pension is higher. By the way, is also an injustice. Men usually have better earnings and accordingly retirement are the best,” he said.

According to Reva, this injustice the government is going to fix it.

“This injustice for 3 million citizens who have full experience and low pensions, we will correct,” – said the Minister.

Earlier Reva said that during the implementation of the pension reform was marked by a lack of common rules for accrual. In this regard, some people received the lowest allowances to pensions only because in Soviet times were paid too low wages. The government is going to take this into account during the next stage of reform.

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We will remind, the Cabinet of Ministers would develop a mechanism to increase pensions to people with more seniority, but because of the economic situation in a lifetime receiving low wages.