Pentagon: Russia follows the path of “confrontation, aggression and coercion”

Пентагон: Россия следует по пути "конфронтации, агрессии и принуждения"

Russia follows the path of “confrontation, aggression and coercion”, said the Deputy Secretary of defense Bob work, speaking at a conference on U.S.-Norwegian defense cooperation. He called Russia’s behavior in the world “revanchist”, transmits radio “Freedom”.

“In 2012, we believed that embarked on the path of partnership with Russia and, accordingly, reduced the number of two armored brigades in Europe. But two years later Russia annexed Crimea, destabilized the situation in the Eastern Ukraine; it is engaged in nuclear blackmail and threatens Romania and Poland because they host a missile defense system,” said Wark.

According to him, by 2017, U.S. forces Europe has again achieved the equivalent of a division that has not been since the end of the cold war.

At the conference one of the leaders of the Ministry of defense also noted the recent increase in “irresponsible and unprofessional” actions of the Russian aircraft and ships. It was also noted that concern US except Russia is worried by the actions of the PRC in the South China sea, work, which leads North Korea in missile and nuclear field, “malign” Iranian influence throughout the Persian Gulf region, international terrorism and the activities of the terrorist network the Islamic state (banned in Russia) in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.

NATO around its perimeter, facing different problems: from behavior to the migration crisis that erupted on the southern borders of the transatlantic defense Alliance and was instigated by extremism and terrorism, said Wark. He noted that “the strategic environment in the next 25 years will be quite different from that which existed during the last quarter of the century.”

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Recall that Secretary of state John Kerry said that NATO will return to dialogue with Russia only after full implementation of the Minsk agreements.

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