People can be relocated to the nearest exoplanet scientists

Людей можно переселить на ближайшую экзопланету – ученые

Humanity can colonize the nearest exoplanet

Scientists optimistically configured to space colonization on nearby exoplanets.

The first possible “second home” for humanity scientists call an exoplanet in the constellation Proxima Centauri. It can settle a human colony, according to Science Alert.

In the constellation Proxima Centauri which is located in the star system alpha Centauri scientists in August 2016 discovered exoplanet Proxima B. It is the twin brother of the Earth and are located relatively close to our planet.

It should be noted that the distance of Proxima Centauri from the Earth is 4,243 light years. With modern technology to overcome this distance is 18 000 years.

The second problem for future colonists might make the activity of local stars. It is extremely high and on the surface of Proxima B a critically high temperature.

But scientists suggest that the planet most of the beneficial elements “preserved” under the surface. Also on Proxima B presumably a high concentration of liquid water in the soil.

Earlier, the experts prepared a plan for the colonization of Mars was Also the correspondent wrote that the scientists caught the “alien signals”

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