People find it difficult to accept the idea that all politicians – the usual selfish people who will use power for profit

Людям трудно смириться с мыслью, что все политики – обычные эгоисты, которые будут использовать власть для наживы

Mount Rushmore in USA

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The late Mykhailo Chechetov in the period of Yanukovych’s Board under the order OL permanently seconded to defend the “Esprit de corps” on various talk shows in the first place at the Schuster. Healthy Chechetov every Friday obediently came to Savic and in the midst of the dispute always arose and, addressing the audience, lisping the language of pathos uttered the same phrase: “the difference is that Victor Fedorovich Yanukovych, unlike our opponents, not a politician. He is a statesman. The politician, as we know, only thinks about the next elections, a statesman thinks about the future generation.”

Every time in the moment of uttering the phrase duty Savik pull at attention, and his glasses were fogged up. However, political opponents of Mikhail Vasilyevich sentence provoked violent protests, and they, in turn, foaming at the mouth to prove that their leaders, only then do they worry about the future generation, and no one else. And, of course, they are not interested in the future elections. If only future generations can have a good time! And Victor Fedorovich only about their pocket cares.

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The dramatic division of all public figures on selfish politicians and altruistic statesmen, which at the time was offered by American economist John Clark, had to appeal to democratic societies. And since people are in constant search for exactly the statesmen, who have to vote in the election.

John Clark was a good economist, but, unfortunately, naive romantic in politics. Statesmen, who care not about power and material gain, but only for the public good, does not exist in nature. It is a beautiful myth.

People however, it is difficult to reconcile with the idea that all politicians are inherently selfish and ordinary as all the rest of the people will use their power solely for profit. So people cherish the hope that should still be giving-out policy, just it is not yet possible to find them and to bring to power. You just have to be careful.

After experiencing another disappointment with another scoundrel, people wipe their tears and begin to search for another statesman. But more often people give the historical characters the mythical qualities of selfless heroes, to have a perfect model before my eyes, and to justify their expectations in the future.

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Each nation has its own mythological heroes that embody the image of ideal, selfless statesmen. Peoples guarded their own myths and do not allow anyone to “humanize” the usual nature of their idols.

It affects everything, even the highly developed cultural of the nation. For example, Americans.

It is known that in the Pantheon of national heroes, founding fathers, selfless statesmen who have devoted their entire lives without the rest of the nation, the first place is the bright image of George Washington. Throughout American history, not to find someone with a solid reputation as an honest statesman, as evidenced by his nickname “Cincinnat” in honour of Roman dictator, who, after retiring from public Affairs, returned to the plough.

Americans have experienced a state close to shock when in 2001 historian John. Larson told that George Washington in his tenure as the first President of the United States only narrowly do not fall under the impeachment because of his greed. The fact that Washington has proposed a bill that aims to deepen the Potomac river at the expense of public funds, to make it more navigable. But isn’t on the river, asked the congressmen, was located the estate of Washington’s “mount Vernon”? Given the small budget of those years, the cost of the dredging of the river was far greater than the cost of Mezhyhiria Yanukovych for the budget money. Also unpleasant Americans to know that while the words a fierce opponent of slavery, Washington had consistently increased the number of its slaves and has always organized the search for the fleeing blacks.

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While the famous historian Charles Baird in 1913 published a book “an Economic interpretation of the U.S. Constitution,” which argued that all of the founding fathers of America were very rich people, and their only motive behind the creation of the Constitution was to guarantee the inviolability of their personal property from encroachments in the post-revolutionary years. Byrd then trampled, and he was anathematized in the circle of historians, because the society then was not able to give up their myths.

A democratic society needs to stop looking for honest and unselfish politicians. They are not in nature. Moreover, people must come to terms with the idea that the man who went into politics, by definition is a moral monster that is wonderfully argued and P. Sorokin, and F. Hayek.

Bigger is healthier and more practical to look for altruists, and to establish strict control over the politicians and directly to tell them that they are all rascals, and that their only desire is to steal budget money or to take bribes for the decision of questions.

Andrey Golovachev

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