People have exhausted a year’s supply of Land for seven months

Люди исчерпали годовой запас Земли за семь месяцев

Spent the resources that the Earth can regenerate in a year. Today mankind lives on a planet “in debt.”

The world wildlife Fund (WWF) said that from August 1, mankind started to live on the planet “in debt.” Exhausted all of the resources that the Earth can regenerate in a year. About it writes RIA Novosti.

“Humanity August 1 will use up all the resources our planet can regenerate in a year. However, experts say that there are a number of ways to live “means”, not by the despoiling the planet, and not abandoning the familiar comfort”, – say representatives of the Fund.

With each year humanity spends an annual limit faster. In 2013, a milestone was held on August 20.

To date, humanity consumes an average of 1.7 times more resources than the planet can reproduce.

Earlier it was reported that last year people spent an annual resource limit by 2 August.

It was also reported that according to scientists, humanity will completely devastate the Earth by 2050.

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