People’s Deputy of the public Servants convicted of a knopkodavstvo

Нардепа из Слуги народа уличили в кнопкодавстве

There is a video as MP from the party a civil Servant votes for himself and for his party.

Social movement Fair on Wednesday, September 11, reports a new fact of pressing buttons in Parliament. In it journalists caught people’s Deputy-a mazhoritarshchik from the Servants of the people in district 156 (Rivne oblast), Sergey Litvinenko.

It is noted that the incident occurred on 3 September, however, it became known about it only now.

According to Fair, Sergey Litvinenko knopkami, most likely, another “servant”majoritarian – Alexander skichko (district No. 197, Cherkasy region).

“The phrase “most likely” means that this place is officially reserved for skichko, but it is likely that the slot of his console could be the card of another Deputy”, – stated in the message.

The fact of a knopkodavstvo, which was recorded due to the broadcast of Radio Liberty, took place on 3 September at 17:52, during the voting for the inclusion in the agenda of session of the bill on introducing amendments to articles 85 and 101 of the Constitution (on the commissioners ASU) and its direction in the constitutional court.

The video of the man in the second row the third (counting from left) sector presses the button on the spot the neighbor on your right. In just a few seconds before the vote, he looks back, as if looking for his missing colleague.



The face of the people’s Deputy of the offender in the video is not visible, but from the layout of the factions and groups in the session hall of VRU ninth convocation is known that the location of knopkodavy assigned to Sergey Litvinenko, and absent the Deputy right – Alexander skichko.

According to the results of voting for the above resolution and Litvinenko, and skichko pressed the button “for”.

On other video – relay channel is Pleased Gromadski – you can see the faces and skichko, and Litvinenko. The latter is similar to the MP, which knopkami on the previous video.

It is noteworthy that on the same day, September 3, after pressing buttons, Litvinenko published a post in Facebook, where he said that the Servant of the people impose the deprivation of the MP’s mandate for the future.

Recall that all the candidates from public Servants before the elections signed the Memorandum which, in particular, has promised not to knopkodavit, not to transfer and not to accept from colleagues card to vote.

We will remind, the day before there was video as MP-the independent candidate from the Donbass Alexander Kovalev votes for himself and his colleague Maxim Efimov. Later it was reported that Kovalev threatened the journalist published information about the movie.

And today, September 11, spokesman Dmitry Razumkov reacted to the fact of a knopkodavstvo Alexander Kovalev, calling his actions “unacceptable” and expressed hope that after the adoption of the necessary legislation, this phenomenon will disappear from the Parliament.

Earlier, President Vladimir Zelensky submitted to the Parliament a law on “pusher”. The document provides for liability for personal voting by MPs in Parliament.

In particular, the bill provides for “button pushers” fines up to 85 thousand UAH.


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