Pepe: Cerezo talks too much tongue

Пепе: Сересо слишком много болтает языком

Pepe said the atlético President

Real Madrid defender Pepe after the Portuguese victory over atlético in the Champions League final (1:1, 5:3 on penalties) commented pre-match

The fountain of Neptune in Madrid is the traditional place of celebrations of the fans of Atletico. The President Plans called for all the fans of his team to gather on Saturday at 23:00, to celebrate the victory over the Butter.

In the end, the match ended with the victory of real Madrid in the penalty shootout and celebration of this night took place in an entirely different place – at Plaza Cibeles (place of the traditional celebrations of the fans of real Madrid).

After the victory in the Champions League Pepe quite strongly said Cerezo.

“We started the match very strongly. Atletico have not had a single shot on target in the first half. We simply played better.

Cerezo talks too much tongue. I wonder if he came at 11 o’clock to the fountain of Neptune? If Yes, then most likely just to clean it, since all this evening was celebrated in a different location on the Plaza Cibeles.

It was a hot evening. We worked hard and deserved this victory,” said Pepe.

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