Per day on the website of the Cabinet was over 100 petitions

За сутки на сайте Кабмина зарегистрировано более 100 петиций

Per day on the website of the Cabinet was more than 100 petitions. The system is available at the link.

Gathered over 150 signatures in the first place is a petition for the establishment of a public register of public servants with the opportunity to evaluate their work. The petitioner proposes to specify in the register the name of the civil servant, his position, official contacts for cases, the reference to the Declaration and the ability to leave feedback or assessment of his work.

In the second place to be the petition, designed to solve the problem with landfills in Ukraine, through the adoption of the law on the sorting and recycling of garbage” at the state level. The author of the petition writes: “the Garbage dumps are filled, some are in disrepair, and prevent to live to people in areas adjacent to landfills cities”

In the third place, the Ukrainians took the issue of revising the gas tariff. The petition calls for a review of the size of the tariff for gas for the population, which will lead to timely payment of utilities and to reduce debt.

Recall, From 29 August 2016 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has launched the system of electronic filing of petitions to the government. For consideration by the Cabinet, the petition must receive at least 25 thousand votes in a period of not more than three months from the date of promulgation. The consideration of the petition is carried out in a period not exceeding 10 working days from the date of publication of information on the beginning of its consideration. Also provides for a period of 1 to 3 working days on various procedural issues in case they arise. After the termination of term of consideration of the petition on the governmental portal published the ad with the appropriate justification as to support or not support the Prime Minister, and a reply is sent to the initiator of the petition. According to estimates, the consideration of the petition of the receipt of the required number of signatures to the response to the initiator can take up to 22 working days.

Note, the system of electronic filing of petitions is also available on the website of the President. There is also need a minimum of 25 thousand votes. Just two months after the website of the President of Ukraine began to operate a new mechanism of e-democracy in support of different initiatives, there was an increase of 16.5 thousand petitions.

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