Peremogi and zrady of the week: an-132 and business Avakov

Перемоги и зрады недели: АН-132 и бизнес Авакова

Discussed the Ukrainians this week.

Ukrainian society for two years measures all events in the country in terms of “Zrada”and“Peremoga”.

As a rule, incidents that fit this definition, be the main topics for discussion in social networks.

Корреспондент.net I tried to put the main “Peremogi” and “trade” weeks.


The new aircraft

Ukraine presented a new light transport plane class An-132D, which was sproektiruet the state enterprise Antonov.

To build it, Ukraine will, together with Saudi Arabia.

An-132 transport aircraft easy class. It has American avionics by Honeywell, British propellers Dowty Propellers, air system Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse, but the main thing – new engines PW150A Pratt & Whitney Canada power 5071 L. C (3782 kW).

With all the changes the new aircraft has increased many specifications compared to the base model An-32: increased carrying capacity from 6.7 tons to 9.2, the ceiling is from eight to nine kilometers, increased flight range, and other characteristics.

These parameters are higher than the prospective Russian Il-112.

The train to Poland

Ukrzaliznytsia has received confirmation from the Polish Railways on the appointment of the delivering of new high-speed trains intercity+ No. 705/706 Kyiv – Lviv – Przemysl, which has 23 Dec 2016 made its first flight from Kiev to the Polish city of Przemysl.

The fare from Kyiv to Przemysl in cars of class I is approximately 574 hryvnia, class II – 406 hryvnias from Lviv to Przemysl in wagons class I – 235 hryvnia, class II – 172 UAH.

The prices are quite affordable, now is almost the easiest and most comfortable way to get to Europe.

The fare on the hryvnia will depend on the Euro exchange rate on the date of ticket issuance, and when driving in the internal message, for example, from Kiev to Lviv, it will also depend on the coefficients of flexible regulation on days of the week: the cheapest fare will in the carriages of the first class, Tuesdays, in the wagons class II – Thursday and Saturday.

Hyundai Rotem, the train will run daily and cover the distance from the capital of Ukraine in Przemysl 7 h 40 min, and back for 7 h 07 min, going from Kiev at 6:45, and from Przemysl at 14:26.

The abolition of tax on purchase of foreign currency

The Verkhovna Rada has canceled a 2% pension levy on currency exchange.

The change will take effect from 1 January 2017.

As you know, in 2015 the Verkhovna Rada has increased duty on obligatory state pension insurance on transactions of foreign currency purchase by individuals from 0.5% to 2%.

Pension duty on purchase of foreign currency (interest rate 2%) pay only individuals who carried out the purchase of foreign currency solely in cash (except for physical persons who bought foreign currency to repay loans).

The legal entity for all operations on purchase and sale of foreign currency, both in cash and cashless forms, from 2015, the pension levy is not paid.

Invincible Mustache

Formally, this event took place last week, but since our review published on Friday, include it here.

Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr Usyk knocked out of the African Thabiso Mchunu in the 9th round, defending his title of world champion WBO in the first heavy weight.

This was the tenth and early victory Moustache in 11 fights on the professional ring.


The battle on the arc Svetlodarsk

Fighting in the arc Svetlodarsk according to official figures claimed the lives of more than 10 Ukrainian military, according to unofficial much more.

The volunteers said that the wounded on the arc Svetlodarsk taken to the volunteer machines.

“Why the 25th battalion did not have any cars for export “x 300″? There is not a single machine in two extreme positions. In order to bring BK. We volunteers, bring to the forefront not only pies, but also ammunition. This is wrong. We are obliged to remove them to survive in their volunteer machines. And why this war is happening for the people’s money? Where’s state budget? And why now we shoot back, snap with small arms, if I now back working separsky behi, heavy mortars,” – said volunteer Sergiy Yermakov.

Users of social networks raises several questions – where do they go to public defense spending, the increase which continually reports to the government and where is the promised strengthening of the army?

Night budget

Well, there is nothing new, actually. The country’s budget for next year was again taken under the cover of night. Now even set a record for the final voting took place in 4:53.

Deputies have not seen the project, voted.

In the final text was the mass of “the list” deputies and their patrons: reduced rents on mineral extraction, “fire trucks Lyashko” and money on the majority district.

Slot machines Avakov

The journalists of the project “Nashi Groshi” conducted an investigation on the functioning of the mass gaming halls are sure to have you in the neighborhood. While the gaming business, as we remember in Ukraine under a ban.

Operates an illegal business, according to the investigation of journalists, under the patronage of the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov and former people’s Deputy-the regional Vladimir Prodivus.

Earlier, the journalists of the program talked about the close relationship between Prodivus with the Deputy Minister of internal Affairs Sergey Chebotar.

The estate of the family of Cebotari near Kiev – built by “Mostobud” Prodivus, and the house itself Oksana Cebotari appeared 4 years earlier permits. Next to the house, which is now written to the assistant of Prodivus – Victoria Yavorsky, the gate of which the initials of the former people’s Deputy “V. P.” – Vladimir Prodivus. The adjacent areas are decorated to a brother and assistant regional.

Sergey Chebotar is involved in a transaction involving a son Avakov, Alexander, about the procurement of the Ministry of interior at an inflated price. In the video, a hidden camera in the office Chebotar, Deputy Minister negotiating with his son Avakov. Last – promises to deliver the office a big batch of backpacks, and Deputy Minister, before the announcement of the tender promises to purchase them.

Avakov himself in the investigation of the case on the slot machines didn’t hide their emotions, calling it “the GOV**m”.