Peremogi and zrady weeks: Scythian gold.

Перемоги и зрады недели: золото скифов и Савченко

Discussed the Ukrainians this week.

Ukrainian society for two years measures all events in the country in terms of “Zrada”and“Peremoga”.

As a rule, incidents that fit this definition, be the main topics for discussion in social networks.

Корреспондент.net I tried to put the main “Peremogi” and “trade” weeks.


Scythian gold

The district court of Amsterdam 14 Dec, ruled that the so-called Scythian gold from the Crimean museums return to Ukraine. We are talking about the exhibits that were transferred from Crimea to the Netherlands for the exhibition even before the annexation of the Peninsula.

Due to the annexation of the Dutch museums did not know where to return the gold. Kyiv has insisted that Ukraine, Russia – in the Crimea. The most valuable exhibits, including the Scythian pectoral IV century, always kept in the national Museum in Kiev, and they were returned immediately after the exhibition.

Lawyers international law firm, “Bergh Stoop & Sanders NV”, which represented in court the interests of Ukraine, the Ministry of justice paid $ 6 million. Also Ukraine is obliged to pay the Netherlands € 110 thousand for the storage and inventory of Scythian gold. Exhibits will not be back before the end of 2017.

Just from the Crimean museums on exhibition went 375 exhibits.

Photo exhibits of Scythian gold, which will return to Ukraine:

A teacher from Kropiwnicki

A teacher from Kropiwnicki Anna Dudich reached the final of the world competition Global Teacher Prize, getting into the top 50 teachers in the world.

The woman is the one who represents Ukraine in the finals. She teaches in the gymnasium of Taras Shevchenko, where implementing training on the latest technologies and successfully establishes communication with schools in other countries.

In the contest took part more than 20 thousand teachers from 179 countries.

Global Teacher Prize is for the third year in a row. The aim of the competition is to identify the educator who has made outstanding contributions to the profession. This year the prize Fund is 1 million dollars. The award ceremony will be held in March in Dubai.

The new plant

The new company “SE Bordnetze Ukraine” is a manufacturer of cable and wire products for Volkswagen began its work in the town of Chortkiv in Ternopil region.

President Petro Poroshenko came to the opening, where it is noted that the Chortkiv branch of the plant “Bordnetze-Ukraine” is creation of 500 new jobs.

Перемоги и зрады недели: золото скифов и Савченко


Next summer it is planned to complete the second phase and to Commission the manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment for motor vehicles. This will provide jobs for another one and a half thousand residents of the Ternopil region.

“SE Bordnetze-Ukraine” is an international company founded by the company “Sumitomo electrician Bordnetze” in 2006. The company is a system supplier and developer of products for model cars “Volkswagen”, “Skoda”, “seat”, “Audi”. The group of companies represented by factories and offices, which are located in different countries with more than 10 thousand employees.


Meeting Savchenko

People’s Deputy of Ukraine in Minsk, met secretly with the leaders of separatists Igor Carpenter and Alexander Zakharchenko.

Earlier in the week Savchenko confirmed the meeting, which caused a wave of negative reaction in society and social networks.

The MP does not see the meeting with the separatists is nothing wrong and claims that he negotiated about the exchange of prisoners. At the same time, Savchenko was not delegated the authority to negotiate with the separatists, the official Kiev does not recognize the leaders of the LDNR, as a party to the negotiation process on settlement of the situation in the Donbass.

Savchenko is already expelled from the faction of Batkivshchyna in the Verkhovna Rada, I want to exclude from the parliamentary Committee on national security and defence, as well as of the parliamentary delegation to PACE. Most “hot heads” need to be brought against Savchenko criminal case.

Bezviz and the Association

The main show of the Ukrainian political life in recent years received a new season.

The introduction of a visa-free regime with the EU has been postponed again, next year. New date – April 3. Authorities blame European bureaucrats and regret about the past optimistic promises.

However, soon on the website of the European Parliament disappeared, the date of issue of visa regime liberalization for Ukraine.

The EU leaders adopted a document, which will contribute to the completion of the ratification process of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU. But the decision is made on the terms of the Netherlands, and they frankly sad for Ukraine.

The Agreement must enter an additional explanation, according to which its implementation does not give Kiev access to additional financial assistance from the EU, does not mean security guarantees from the EU and does not give the Ukrainians the right to equal citizens of the Union to live and work in its territory. And most importantly – the Association Agreement “does not grant Ukraine candidate status for membership in the EU, and does not create obligations for granting such status to Ukraine in the future.”


The largest Bank in Ukraine PrivatBank can be nationalized.

The last day received contradictory information about his future. But until the final there is no clarity, people start to get nervous and put pressure on the Bank.

The financial institution occasionally there are problems with wire payments, terminal operations and results cash.

If clarity does not come, and the voltage will only increase, people will “believe” the Bank themselves, EN masse trying to withdraw cash.