Peskov: We continue to observe the expansion of NATO towards Russian borders

Песков: Мы по-прежнему констатируем экспансию НАТО в сторону российских границ

The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin still notes with concern the expansion of NATO near the borders of Russia, reports TASS.

“NATO is a product of the time of the confrontation. It is a tool, created for confrontation. How he can make a contribution to ensuring European stability and security, the question is moot. We continue to deplore the policy of expanding the presence of NATO, expansion of NATO towards our borders. This raises concerns in Moscow and is the reason for predictable, systematic and consistent steps to ensure their interests and security against this background”, – said Peskov.

He noted that the rhetoric NATO is more in keeping with the cold war.

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“Judging by the rhetoric, it rapidly returns to the very times which we thought we had left far behind,” said the representative of the Kremlin.

Sands stated in this regard that “the essence of this organization (NATO), apparently in its depths so firmly maintains that this rhetoric that we were mistaken in thinking that it was in the past”.

Recall that the U.S. will build a new military radar in Norwegian Varde municipality on the border with Russia.