Petrenko: the Concept of anti-corruption courts is ready, the text of the law – a matter of a few months

Петренко: Концепция антикоррупционных судов уже готова, текст закона – вопрос нескольких месяцев

The Minister of justice of Ukraine Pavel Petrenko, October 2016

The concept of anti-corruption courts is ready, the text of the law – a matter of a few months. About it during communication with journalists, which was broadcast channel “112 Ukraine”, said justice Minister Pavel Petrenko.

“This bill needs to be passed in the Parliament. You need to find 226 votes … the word “corruption court” many members start various processes, nervousness and amnesia. So most importantly, we found political support in the Parliament. Together with the Ministry of justice and with the public sector already has developed the concept of anti-corruption courts. The text of the law is a matter of a few months. The main thing that was 226 votes”, – said Petrenko.

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Earlier it was reported that the Director of the National anti-corruption Bureau (NAB) Sytnyk advocates the establishment until 2018 anti-corruption court.

We will remind, earlier the head of delegation of European Union to Ukraine Hugues Mingarelli said that Ukraine needs to create a specialized anti-corruption court as soon as possible.

June 2, 2016, the Verkhovna Rada adopted in the second reading and in whole draft law №3524 “On amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine (justice)”, which is the basis of judicial reform. In addition, the Parliament adopted the bill No. 4734 “On judicial system and status of judges”, earlier submitted to the Parliament by the President of Ukraine as urgent. Both documents enter into force on 30 September 2016.

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