Petrenko: the Ministry of justice intend to cancel 100 obsolete acts which create a liability to business

Петренко: В Минюсте намерены отменить 100 устаревших указов, которые создают помеху бизнесу

The Minister of justice Pavel Petrenko

The Ministry of justice intends to abolish the one hundred and obsolete decrees of the various bodies that hampered business. This was stated on his page in facebook the Minister of justice Pavel Petrenko.

“Last week we presented the draft regulation, which repeals the obsolete decree 72 different bodies. Today we presented the decree, which supplemented the list with 21 legal act. Seven documents provide guidance for bringing these acts in accordance to the current legislation. Overall this is a 100 documents, which not only lost relevance, but also created obstacles for Ukrainian business”, – said Pavel Petrenko.

According to the Minister of justice, some of them date back to 1986.

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He also noted that the Ministry carried out an analysis of over 400 legal acts of different ministries. According to Pavel Petrenko, until the end of March the Ministry must provide justification regarding the relevance of these acts. “Accordingly to the studies we will conduct real deregulation a guillotine on the cancellation of hundreds of documents that the Ukrainian bureaucrats “spawn” for the past 25 years”, – said Pavel Petrenko.

Earlier, the Ministry of justice has launched the online services for registration and termination of entrepreneurship activity of the physical persons-entrepreneurs.

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