Petrenko told about the plans of the Ministry of justice for the next two years

Петренко рассказал о планах Минюста на ближайшие два года

The plans, which implements the last two years, the Ministry of justice has not changed, in particular, the deregulation and decentralization. About it on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine”, said the Minister of justice Pavel Petrenko.

“We transferred all the functions of registration, local authorities and notaries, have cleaned out the bureaucracy and corruption. This is something that can feel every Ukrainian, who was standing in line to register the apartment in the state registration service, paid bribes to register their businesses,” – said Petrenko.

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The Minister told about plans of the Department over the next two years: “to Transfer the functions of the Ministry of justice on registration of marriages, registration of birth certificate to the local authorities, as is happening in Europe. The second block is an extension of the process of providing free legal aid. This project launched a year ago and a few months 200 thousand Ukrainians have received. We have decided that we will expand the network to 400 such centres across the country. The national Council of reforms approved this unit, as it is indeed social”.

The third priority, according to Petrenko, this reform penyelaras service.

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“It also implies the humanization of the penal system, and will clean out corruption and cleaning of a large state bureaucracy. This year we already have to make the first steps. The first system will be “transparent,” a second audit of all state enterprises, downsizing of bureaucracy and increased pay for officers working in the colonies, is also the beginning of repair of construction of new jail and prison,” – said the Minister.

We will remind, the Ministry of justice during the judicial reform proposes to attract foreign judges.