Petrikivsky: 5 years since the recognition of UNESCO

Петриковская роспись:  5 лет  с момента признания  ЮНЕСКО

Dnipropetrovsk celebrates cultural anniversary! In December 2013, UNESCO included Petrykivka painting into the list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

This important victory Petrykivka, Dnipropetrovsk region and the whole country went more than a decade. Folk painting is presented to the world community, organized a large-scale presentation to the ambassadors of different countries and organized a great art tour of Europe. Much work has been done for what would 600 experts from 95 countries were able to vote for the Petrykivka painting.

Five years ago, the Ukrainian delegation met with songs and loud applause. As noted by the Chairman of the regional Council Gleb Prigunov, thanks to the masters who developed Petrikov painting hundreds of years ago, we now celebrate this important milestone. He thanked and awarded modern masters of painting: “I am proud that here in our area is concentrated in the center of Ukrainian culture! Petrikov painting is our calling card. We see this daily painting on clothing, in the interior, in products of art. It is not only beautiful and bright, this is a great work of our talented Ukrainian artists.”

After the decision of UNESCO, masters of Petrykivka painting are invited to international events. Since 2013, they have already managed to present Ukrainian heritage in Greece, Latvia, Georgia and even China. Annually in Petrikovka regional Council organizes large-scale ethnic festival “Petrykivka dyvotsvit”, which annually brings together hundreds of professionals paintings and tens of thousands of visitors from different parts of the country. Here has already set a lot of records of Ukraine: the long fence, a large wooden spoon, the long panels, all decorated with petrikivsky painting.

“We will continue to promote the development of Petrikov painting. This is a real art of the free and the real code of the Ukrainian nation. We are on the path of development of the village Petrykivka. Until recently, it was the usual post-Soviet village, now there are a lot of changes. Developing infrastructure, improving living space. Of course, a lot of work, but this development path is irreversible,” – said Gleb Prigunov, the head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional Council.