Petyа no regret. The consequences of a super-virus

Petyа никого не пожалел. Последствия супер-вируса

Ukraine is still trying to move away from the biggest hacker attack in its history.

The biggest virus in the history of Ukraine – Petyа.A, struck the country last Tuesday, but a week later, not all organizations still managed to deal with his consequences.

Affected by how public organizations and private. Affected banks, shops, TV channels and even the website Корреспондент.net.

We collected information on the impact of the virus.

Those affected

The attack of the virus Petya. The 27th of June, Ukraine was subjected to and more than 60 countries.

Ukraine accounted for 75.2 per cent of infections of the total number in the world. Germany — 9%, Poland — 5,8%. Russia accounted for only 0.8%.

In our country virus “put” more than 12 million computers in various public and private institutions, including the Cabinet, mobile operators, energy companies and a major transportation company.

In a short time “laid down” the computers of such companies as “Sberbank”, “Taskommerzbank”, “Ukrgasbank”, “Pivdenniy” and “OTP Bank”. From virus attack also injured “Kyivenergo”, Ukrenergo, the state enterprise Antonov, the Corporation DTEK, Ukrtelecom, network of hypermarkets “Epicenter”, “uz”, “New mail”, filling stations TNK, Kyivvodokanal, the Kyiv subway, airport Borispol, the mobile operators.

The German Federal office for information security (BSI) believes that the spread of the virus Petya.It began with Ukraine and, possibly, passed through the Ukrainian program financial statements M.E.Doc., which is an alternative to banned in Ukraine, the Russian 1C. The version that is to blame M.E.Doc advanced by the Department of postal and telecommunications of Ukraine, but the developers M.E.Doc. denied this information, assuring that the latest software update from June 22 does not contain any viruses.

The issue price

The company Cyence, risk management, calculated that economic losses from virus attacks Petya.A can be about $8 billion. This “price” the company has included and the damage caused may attack similar WannaCry virus that knocked out more than 200 thousand computers in 150 countries.

Evaluating the losses that the business suffered due to virus you can talk about the half-received profit companies. Some retailers were forced to stop the work of its stores, part of the Bank offices during the attack, was working in “consultative mode” – those areas in which the virus hit most significantly.

To assess how many companies were affected and to what extent is very difficult because some companies have actually stopped their work for the day, and some, for example, only for a few hours.

The head of the Committee of economists of Ukraine Andriy Novak notes that, for example, reduction of Bank circulation or turnover of the trade networks from attack, the company could catch up in the coming days. “The direct losses include the additional spending on the IT sector to overcome the effects of this virus,” – said the economist.

Got to penalties

The attack of the virus coincided with the period of filing tax returns, and due to the fact that the virus in the first place destroyed data on the computers of accountants, the company was under threat of fines.

The Public Council at the State fiscal service said: as hacking falls under force majeure, the matter of making reports will be discussed at a meeting of the Public Council.

“Delay can only be initiated after the relevant decision of the relevant Committee of Parliament or of the Ministry of Finance is the question of hacker attacks is not settled, and the decision of such force majeure events should be discussed in the legal field,” — say in the Council.

The virus from the United States or Russia?

SBU established the involvement of Russian security services to attack the virus Petya.A.

“The available data, including those obtained in the framework of cooperation with international antivirus companies give reason to believe that these attacks involved the same hacker group that launched attacks shpo “TeleBots” and “Blackenergy” in December 2016 for the financial system, objects of transport and energy of Ukraine. This indicates involvement in the attack of the Russian special services”, – stated in the message.

In the SBU said that the cyber attack was aimed at destabilizing the socio-political situation in Ukraine.

“The main purpose of the virus was the destruction of important data and disruption of public and private institutions of Ukraine to spread panic among the population,” according to the secret service.

In her estimation, the infection was planned and implemented in advance. It happened in several stages and began on the eve of national public holiday.

However, the attack of the virus were also Russian companies – “Rosneft” and “Bashneft”.

The American newspaper New York Times says that the virus Petya, developed by the national security Agency of the United States, where he was taken by hackers.

According to sources edition, viruses and Petya WannaCry, which in may brought down hospitals, roads and factories in the world, has developed at the NSA. Subsequently, a group of hackers calling themselves the “Shadow Brokers”, somehow stole this cyber-weapon and released it in April. First, the hackers put viruses on sale, and even recently started to offer a monthly subscription. Who are the “Shadow Brokers” – is still unknown.

Former intelligence officers told the NYT that there is no doubt, where did the cyberweapons in the hands of the group. It was developed by a division of the American intelligence services, which until recently was called “Division of special operations.”

According to the publication, the NSA hides its role in the development of cyber weapons, rejecting a lot of questions. So, a press-the Secretary of Council of national safety of the USA Michael Anton in White house said that the administration is “responsibly balance between the interests of national security, public security and safety”, refusing to comment on the origin of any virus, including Petya.

Experts also said that the NSA is unlikely to abandon the development of vulnerability of the operating Microsoft, although cyber weapons the United States and fall into the wrong hands.

The publication writes that recently in Ukraine hackers used the code developed by the NSA, in order to lock the system in hospitals, supermarkets and even a system of radiation monitoring in the Chernobyl. Moreover, the article argued that the extortion of ransom for the key to decrypt the files was just a smokescreen. The real purpose of the attacks is to destroy the victim’s computer.