Pharmacies will be able to sell drugs purchased at inflated prices, until February 1, Suprun

Аптеки смогут распродать лекарства, закупленные по завышенным ценам, до 1 февраля, - Супрун

Acting Minister of health Ulyana Suprun at a press conference 25.10.2016

Pharmacies will be able to sell drugs purchased at inflated prices, until February 1. This was during the briefing, which was broadcast channel “112 Ukraine” said acting head of the Ministry Suprun.

“It will be one month, January, where pharmacies will be able to sell those drugs which they bought at inflated prices last year. We have until February 1, let they sold all they had in stock. But new drugs that they purchase and bring their should already be at a reduced price,” said Suprun.

According to the Deputy Minister of the Novel Ilyka, the procedure for establishing reference prices for drugs are now coordinated with the Ministry of economy.

“The issue of establishing reference prices is determined by the order. The procedure for establishing this reference prices are now negotiated with the Ministry of economy. After approval of this order is adjustment. After you adjust all of the prices we have determined for the five reference countries, they really we have. Was only a technical formality, which is that they can be published on the website of the Ministry of health. When these technical procedures will be done on the website of the Ministry of health, these reference prices are established”, – he noted.

Suprun noted that among the requirements to pharmacies put up lists of drug prices.

There is also a requirement that the pharmacies they were posted, so people can not look up prices. They will be printed in pharmacies so people can see how they come into place.

To verify compliance with this rule will be the State service on medicinal products. “We will ask that patients or those who buy medicine as they will see that there is a price increase that they passed information or the Ministry of health, or the State service on drugs,” said Suprun.

Earlier it was reported that the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved a decree on the introduction of reference prices for selected drugs from January 1, 2017.

Solution for drugs from cardiovascular disease, diabetes and bronchial asthma. From April 1, provides for the launch of a program of reimbursement for him.