Physics using the neutrinos measured the mass of the Earth

Физики с помощью частиц нейтрино измерили массу Земли

The mass of the Earth measured in a new way

For this, the researchers used data from the neutrino detector. The result was little different from the obtained by the traditional method.

A group of Spanish physicists have determined the mass of the Earth using data from the neutrino detector. About it writes Science Alert. The new results differed little from those obtained in the traditional way – 5,972E24 kg.

Neutrinos are the most abundant particles in the Universe, but their detection is difficult. Almost always the mass of these particles is equal to zero due to the fact that they interact very little with normal matter, flowing through the Universe at a speed close to light.

Neutrinos were opened to the world thanks to the IceCube detector, using its data, scientists can study the inside of the Earth.

During the work of the scientists used to calculate the number of neutrinos registered by the detector. Primarily interested in the physics of atmospheric neutrinos, born in the upper layers of earth’s atmosphere. Occasionally these particles all interact with matter, and traces of this are amplified by the detector.

The researchers used data from the Observatory from 2011 to 2012. To calculate the density of the layers of the Earth, they calculated how many neutrinos could pass through the planet at different angles to IceCube.

It is known that prior to this case the measurement of the Earth’s mass and density was conducted on the basis of the gravitational field and evidence of seismic detectors.

Earlier it was reported that scientists said it was likely the full recovery of the ozone layer of the Earth by 2030.


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