Pico: I Want to play in the river and benefit

Пико: Хочу играть в Днепре и приносить пользу

Anderson Pico

One of the heroes of the Dnieper in the Cup match with Dawn Anderson Pico commented on the victory of his team.

Anderson, today the weather was like, which you probably have not experienced in Brazil?

— Why? I am originally from the South of Brazil, and we have at this time much rain is the beginning of winter in our country.

— The rainy season begins?

— Yes, it is.

Personally, you’re pretty much beat today on goal from any distance. This was setup by the coaching staff?

— Of course. This point was specifically discussed before the match. Yes you yourselves have seen that we have achieved decisive success. I struck as hard as possible, and Roma Zozulya finished off the ball into the net.

— If possible, tell me how you develop the case in Dnipro? Cnow you took a position on the left flank of the defence of his compatriot Leo Matos…

— Well, that is the case. Leo was injured, after which Myron Markevych and entrusted me with this position. Hope I help the team. And to your question answer that I like in the river. I want to play here and continue to bring the Dnieper favor.

Earlier SPORT bigmir)net wrote that Dnipro defeated Dawn in a tight match.

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