Pidruchny and prima will miss the individual race at the world Cup

Пидручный и Прима пропустят индивидуальную гонку на чемпионате мира

Dmitry Pidruchny

Became known the national team of Ukraine in the individual race in östersund.

Senior men’s team coach of Ukraine Juraj Sanitra in an interview with UA:BIATHLON announced the lineup for the individual race of the world championship, which will take place on March 13.

“Pidruchny still resting today because yesterday evening, still tired. Slept 11 hours today so the plan is resting, and tomorrow will have training. Cook it on a single relay on Thursday.

Can already see that prima in training, but not yet in the condition to start tomorrow. Pity, because he really wants to. But it would be a big risk to put him in his individual race at 20 kilometers.

So I decided that will put those who at the moment has no health problems: Sergei Semenov, Artem Tishchenko, Vitaliy Trush and Ruslan Tkalenko.

Sergey Semenov is motivated. He passed the optimum training. We expect a very good result, which will be adequate in his name. Currently, he is physically strong. Shooting view, because there were no competitions after the European Championships, but had a good workout. I think 100% will be ready,” said Juraj Sanitra.

We will remind, Dmitry Pidruchny became world champion in the pursuit race. Read asmaterial about Dmitry Pidruchna

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