Pidruchny: at the first shooting range to shoot clean, but I lost the cartridge

Пидручный: Мог на первом огневом рубеже отстрелять чисто, но у меня выпал патрон

Dmitry Pidruchny

Captain of Ukraine national team commented on his performance in the sprint race in Antholz.

The captain of the men’s team of Ukraine biathlon Dmitry Pidruchny appreciated his performance in the sprint race in Antholz, where he finished in 44th place.

“Poor performed today. To be honest, the first lap was hard, but I tried to evenly distribute forces, and the latter is already “squeezed” everything I could. On their own, we can say that happy, because at such a height from the first meters it is hard to breathe.

It is very hard to shoot standing, it is elementary not have enough breath. On each shot you need to do a few breaths, besides, felt the wind.

When I was prone you could shoot for zero, but when I loaded the clip, I lost one round, and I didn’t notice it. Four times got, wanted to do the fifth shot, and failed. Then opened the shutter, and this, I think, lost 10-12 seconds, and then another, and didn’t break the target. Well, it’s my mistake, although it’s hard to say why the dropped the cartridge.

As for the championship, I don’t see anything wrong with that, after all, once again try before the Olympic games, view more, any race where I will participate.

I talked about this with Juraj and we decided that at least one start exactly I need, especially in the past year I have for the world Cup a lot more performed. I think I have a chance to get into the mass start,” said Pidruchny in an interview with XSPORT.

Earlier it was reported that he became known to the Ukraine for the European championship.

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