Pidruchny: Semenov do not show half the result, which can

Пидручный: Семенов не показывает и половины того результата, который может

Dmitry Pidruchny

The captain of the men’s team analyzed the stage in Ruhpolding.

The captain of the men’s team of Ukraine Dmitry Pidruchny analyzed the performance of the team at the world Cup in Ruhpolding and once again noted that their main objective is good performance at the Olympic games:

About the relay:

Appreciate not positive. The relay was completely, well not that entirely, but failed. To the third stage, we were sixth to seventh and the gap was not so big from the leader. Pryma Artem Semenov Serhiy and did everything I could. Can they get the credit for their race.

It is a pity that the failed Vladimir Semakov. As for me, it is difficult to judge. It was hard for me to fight and psychologically. When you’re 21, you realize how bad it was. For evaluation I will not put.

About the independents:

We can say that we’ve done on the three. If you take the overall team, we showed a good speed, if we take the lag even from the same Johannes. We are not so much he lost his feet. That did not cope with shooting is, of course, a minus for us.

About Ruhpolding:

I think we always have a stock in shooting. Somehow we do not get it. I think it needs more work. At the expense of speed… If you take me personally, I think that I am in more or less normal form, for themselves.

On Semenov:

I think a little better than he looked in Hochfilzen, but it is not his condition. That’s not even half the results that he can show.

On the mass start:

If we consider the situation globally, we are not aiming to get into the mass start. We are steadily preparing for the Olympics. It turns out we have this training or not – we now continue to analyze and possibly make some adjustments in training. But above all is the Olympics, said in an interview Pidruchny BiathlonPlace.

Note that in Ruhpolding Pidruchny is ranked 41st in the individual race, with three penalties. The best result in our team showed Brendan – 26th place with two misses. In the men’s relay team of Ukraine took 15th place.

The next stage of the world Cup in Antholz will be held from 18 to 21 January. In Italy will be sprint, pursuit and mass start.

Earlier it was reported that the composition of the national team of Ukraine on biathlon at the Olympics in 2018 known by 90%.

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