Pidruchny: the Track today was hard, interfere with the wind

Пидручный: Трасса сегодня была тяжелой, мешал ветер

Ukrainian biathlete told about the peculiarities of weather in the sprint in Oberhof.

Biathlete of the national team of Ukraine Dmitry Pidruchny commented on the results of the sprint race among men on the world Cup stage in Oberhof.

“It did not work something on the counter. It was my error, and the wind prevented, and besides, he is fickle. That is, it’s not shooting very much pulled. And the approach to the shooting range here is heavy, and the wind was blowing, causing the drive up to the boundary was more difficult. The track is heavy today and my skis worked hard. I have a good mood in the team too.

As for the training plan, the first three stages we were supposed to feel better, but me and Brendan before the season started a little ill, because only at the end of the trimester on a small peak came out, and now here’s a bit overloaded to delay to the European and world Championships – quotes Pidruchna

Recall, in the sprint race in Oberhof Dmitry Pidruchny took 25th place, first place went to Russian Alexander Loginov.

Previously, the French biathlete Martin Fourcade called “a disgrace” victory Loginova in Oberhof.

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