Pidruchny: the Weather was wonderful, if you ignore the wind and rain

Пидручный: Погода была замечательная, если не учитывать ветер и дождь

Dmitry Pidruchny

Ukrainian biathlete gave an assessment of his performance at the world Cup in Oberhof.

Ukrainian biathlete Dmitry Pidruchny commented on the world Cup stage in Oberhof, where he took the 10th position.

“Hello to all the fans! Today we ran get sprint in Oberhof, where the weather makes us happy every day. It was almost remarkable, unless you consider strong wind and torrential rain. The track was almost too cool, except for cereal and “concrete” lifts.

The race is a success by 3+ or 4 points. I’m more or less satisfied with its result. Prone a little rushed with the first shot and the following shots were accurately work. Standing also managed to hold everything neatly.

On the track very well but still felt that I did not get another its maximum, so the next three starts before the Olympics, will I need to gain momentum. In General, all managed today. Thank you for rooting for me. Wait for tomorrow!”, – told the Ukrainian biathlete.

Informed their impressions of the first phase of the world Cup in 2018, said Martin Fourcade and Johannes Bø.

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