Pidruchny took 10-th place in the mass start world Cup, Windisch won the race

Пидручный занял 10-е место в масс-старте ЧМ, Виндиш выиграл гонку

Pidruchny finished 10th in the final race of the world championship.

Sunday, March 17 in östersund ended the world championship on biathlon. The final race of the competition was the men’s mass start.

First place was taken by Italian Dominik Windisch, silver went to Frenchman Antonin Gigone, and third place on the podium was occupied by Julian Eberhard of Austria.

Ukrainian Dmitry Pidruchny finished 10th. Our biathlete had three penalties behind the leader at 48 seconds.

The mass start. Men
1. Green Brendan (1+1+1+0) 40:54,1
2. Guigonnat Antonin (2+0+0+1) +22,8
3. Julian Eberhard (0+0+3+1) +23,3

10. Dmitry Pidruchny (0+0+1+2) +48,2

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