Pinchuk has invited Ukraine to forget about EU and NATO

Пинчук предложил Украине забыть о ЕС и НАТО

Billionaire Victor Pinchuk

The billionaire believes that the Crimea is necessary to forget for 15-20 years and to hold elections in uncontrolled territory of Donbass.

Ukraine should take a number of painful compromises to achieve peace with Russia. You need to forget about the Crimea, to freeze the situation in the Donbass and to abandon EU integration and NATO in the foreseeable future.

This writes the Ukrainian billionaire Victor Pinchuk in his article for the Wall Street Journal under the title “Ukraine has to make painful compromises for peace with Russia.”

“Though we maintain our position on the fact that Crimea is part of Ukraine, and it needs to be returned, Crimea should not be an obstacle to decisions that would put an end to the war in the East,” – says Pinchuk.

According to him, Ukraine will take 15-20 years to generate sufficient economic growth and stabilize the infrastructure, social protection and the financial system. And then all the people of the Crimea want to live in such a Ukraine – like the East Germans wanted to become part of West Germany.

Pinchuk also said that the conflict in the Donbas started because of Russian influence, and is not a “genuine movement for autonomy or civil war.”

“There are not created conditions for fair elections, while Ukraine does not have full control over its territory. But we may have to abandon this truth and agree to local elections,” writes the billionaire, recognizing that such a compromise could mean that Ukraine “will fail their residents in the East who have suffered enormously”.

“But if that’s what you need to do to demonstrate Ukraine’s commitment to peaceful reunification, then we may have to make this compromise in order to save thousands of lives,” – emphasizes the oligarch.

Pinchuk also proposed to remove to Ukraine’s goal of EU membership.

“We can build a European country, to be a privileged partner (the EU – ed.) and then to discuss membership,” – he said.

Pinchuk has also offered Ukraine to refuse from membership in NATO.

“Let us recognize that Ukraine will not join NATO in the short or medium term. Offer we did not, and if it were, then it could lead to an international crisis of unprecedented magnitude. At the moment we must pursue alternative security system to recognize the neutrality of our short-term future,” – says Pinchuk.

However, the businessman said that Ukraine will need security guarantees from Western countries. According to him, earlier such a guarantee was the Budapest Memorandum of 1994, but when Russia annexed Crimea, Ukraine learned that “assurances are not a guarantee.”

Pinchuk believes that “Ukraine should make it clear that we are ready to agree to a gradual lifting of sanctions with Russia as solution to providing a free, United, peaceful and safe Ukraine.”

As reported Корреспондент.netViktor Pinchuk allocated to Donald Trump 150 thousand dollars for the election.

It was also reported that Pinchuk is the largest contributor to the Clinton Foundation among Ukrainians.