“Plan B” for Sepatuku-2. Naftogaz wants $12 billion

"План Б" по Севпотоку-2. Нафтогаз хочет $12 млрд

Pipe-laying of Nord stream-2 in Germany

Ukraine has a backup plan in case of a Russian gas pipeline to the EU. Kiev does not believe that transit can be maintained.

Ukrainska company Naftogaz of Ukraine has prepared a plan to protect their interests in case of a Russian gas pipeline Nord stream-2.

Naftogaz is estimated at $ 12 billion losses from idle time of the transmission system, if Nord stream-2 will be launched. The claim for this amount, Ukraine has already filed an international arbitration. Корреспондент.net tells details.


New Naftogaz lawsuit against Gazprom

Commercial Director at Naftogaz Yury Vitrenko in an interview with the Fifth channel said that the company has prepared a plan for the protection of their interests in the event of the launch of Nord stream-2.

According to him, if the gas pipeline project will indeed be implemented, Ukraine will require the recovery of Russia’s losses that incur for a simple transmission system. Damage to Naftogaz is estimated at $ 12 billion. A lawsuit the company had filed an international arbitration.

“We have the legal opportunity, so now we can demand to revise the tariff,” – said Vitrenko.

COBOL on Nord stream-2: the Fight is already lost

According to the Naftogaz, the European pricing rules allow you to display the effect of the inactivity of the Ukrainian infrastructure after 2019. It is not a revision of the current Russian contract, and “compensation for lost tariff revenues”.

In Gazprom declined to comment to journalists on this information.

In February the Stockholm arbitration court refused to Ukraine in the revision of the tariff and left unchanged the requirement for a minimum transit, but ordered Russia to pay in favor of Naftogaz of 4.63 billion for failure to supply gas according to the agreement on the transit. Based on previous proceedings, the Russian company must pay out of 2.56 billion.

Gazprom in June was achieved for the suspension of execution of the decision of the arbitrators. The court agreed that the case provides the necessary basis for this. In addition, the court’s decision deprives Naftogaz the right to seize assets of Gazprom abroad.

Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the Russian side proceeds from the fact that Europe is interested in the project of gas pipeline Nord stream-2.

“We will fight for its implementation”, – said Putin after talks with the Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurtz.


Nord stream-2 with reference to the Ukraine

At the end of July in Germany began pipe laying of gas pipeline Nord stream-2, despite the absence of the agreement of the authorities of Denmark, the only country which has not given such permission.

At the moment Finland, Sweden, Germany and Russia gave permission to lay the pipeline in its exclusive economic zone.

The Danish authorities fluctuate with the solution, despite assurances from Germany that the transit through Ukraine will continue. Danish Prime Minister Lars løkke Rasmussen proposed to bring this issue to the European level.

At the meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Groysman at the end of June, Rasmussen underlined that held a Parliament of his country, the bill that would block or significantly delay the implementation of the pipeline in the legal field.

“We need to pay attention to all the warnings, all the problems, it is necessary to perceive all the issues associated with Ukraine, very, very seriously,” said Danish Prime Minister.

To Help Ukraine. Denmark blocks Nord stream-2

Ukraine also doubt that the implementation of SP-2 would retain the transit of Russian gas to the EU. About this said the head of Naftogaz Andrey Kobelev in an interview to the Economic truth.

“I don’t believe that in Ukraine will pump gas, if Nord stream-2 will be implemented in the format, conceived by the Germans and the Russians,” he said.

Later KOBOLEV at the meeting YES on 15 September said that Ukraine will not be able to compete with the Nord stream gas pipeline-2, offering lower rates, as this project is a political

“I always smile when trying to articulate the argument that we will be competitive rates and different terms and conditions with the Northern flow-2, this is not a losing struggle. She’s already lost,” he said.

KOBOLEV explained that when they built the Nord stream-1, Ukraine offered the lowest tariffs for the transit of gas from all European countries, however, the project was implemented and all the gas that goes through it, before going through Ukrainian territory.

The speaker of the German government Steffen Seibert at a press briefing following the meeting of German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with Putin in August, said that Ukraine needs to modernize the transportation system with the aim of creating conditions for long-term gas transit.

“Ukraine, of course, and we talked about this earlier, needs to carry out reforms in the system of gas transit to create conditions for long-term gas transit,” – said Seibert.


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