Plastic kills up to a million people a year – scientists

Пластик убивает до миллиона человек в год - ученые

The victims of the pollution are the residents of developing countries. It was established by scientists of a number of organizations.

The famous presenter and naturalist David Attenborough has said that the growing wave of plastic pollution annually kills up to a million people, and has devastating consequences for the environment. This writes The Telegraph.

Report on the effects of pollution by plastic, one of the first to document the impact of discarded plastic on the health of the poorest people in the world, shows that from 400 000 to a million people die each year from diseases and accidents associated with poorly managed waste in developing countries.

According to Attenborough that plastic harms the oceans, and the effect of pollution to them is “the unfolding disaster that has been too long overlooked”.

According to the data, every 30 seconds in developing countries, a person is killed due to the pollution of the environment with plastic. The first to suffer from the harmful effects of plastic those who live close to waste dumps. The consequences of this neighborhood are cancer, diarrhoea, malaria.

According to Attenborough, is currently the world needs leadership from those who are responsible for the supply of plastic to the country, where he cannot appropriately do.

In addition, the authors of the study call on leading companies, including Coca-Cola, Nestlé, PepsiCo, halve the amount of plastic that is spread in developing countries.

Earlier it was reported that at the bottom of the Martian depressions found candy wrappers made of plastic.

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