Pleased to recognize DUI a criminal offense

Рада признала вождение в нетрезвом состоянии криминальным проступком

Rada adopted the law on criminal misconduct

In Ukraine the Institute of criminal misconduct, which will include the management of transport in a drunken state.

The Verkhovna Rada on Thursday, November 22, adopted the law on the assignment of driving in an alcohol intoxication to the category of criminal offences, which relies fine of up to 51 thousand UAH.

This document also introduces the concept of criminal misconduct – an act or omission for which punishment not connected with deprivation of liberty.

In particular, for the management of transport in a drunken state is punished with a fine 17-34 thousand UAH and the prohibition to manage up to three years; and at repeated violation – up to 51 thousand UAH with the ban to control from 2 to 3 years.

To criminal misconduct are also encouraged to include such common crimes as an unqualified theft, fraud, illegal actions with narcotic drugs without intent to sell, disorderly conduct and the like.

According to the Deputy head of the National police of Ukraine Vadim Troyan, this will relieve investigators of the police and allow them to focus on the disclosure of grave and especially grave crimes.

“Conduct investigations of criminal misconduct will be investigating (official unit of inquiry on the national police). The investigation into criminal misconduct will be conducted in the form of inquiry with the simplification of procedures, including a shorter period – no more than 72 hours after notice to the person about suspicion or detention, or in other cases for a period up to one month,” he wrote on his page in Facebook.

Prior to the adoption of this law, only investigators conducted preliminary investigation on all statements and reports, which contain information about criminal offences.

Recall that in 2013, the Parliament increased the fines for driving while intoxicated from 200 to 350 non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens (from 3 400 to 5 950 UAH) or deprivation of the right of driving for a period of one to two years.

And in the summer of 2018, the MPs approved the amendments to the criminal code a new article on traffic violation intoxicated person.

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