Pochayiv Lavra has condemned the decision of justice

В Почаевской лавре осудили решение Минюста

Pochayiv Lavra has condemned the attempts of the authorities to deprive the Church of the UOC-MP

The Ukrainian government uses the Communist methods of dealing with the Orthodox Church, said in the monastery.

Representatives of the Holy Dormition Pochayiv Lavra has responded to the decision of the justice Ministry about the cancellation of the transfer of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) of the buildings of the monastery. The text of the appeal published on the website of the Lavra on Saturday, November 24.

“We have to say that currently the Ukrainian government is using Communist methods of dealing with the Orthodox Church”, – is spoken in the message.

Laura stressed that the current leaders “do not remember the lessons of history.”

“After the creation of the Revisionist organization, the Bolsheviks began an active struggle with the Orthodox Church, which was outlawed. Under the slogan “complicity in counter-revolution” was seized temples and religious values, against the clergy used harsh repression. It should be noted that Raskolnikov is of the Renovationists was supported by the Patriarchate of Constantinople,” said Laura, and added that this “Living Church” did not last 30 years, and the canonical Church is unwavering stands to this day.”

“The rhetoric of power for 100 years has not changed: the inhabitants laurels left for them “accomplices of the counterrevolution”. Using the controlled media, the current government is every day more and more plants it is the opinion of our Ukrainian people”, – the statement says.

The text of the statement emphasizes that the current government has embarked on the seizure of property from the Holy Dormition Pochayiv Lavra, and “novoobrazovany Church organization”, and as a result may be the destruction of monasticism in Western Ukraine.

Before it became known that the Commission of justice on the complaint in the sphere of state registration cancelled re-registration of a complex of buildings of the Pochayiv monastery in Ternopil region.

The UOC-MP said that the abolition of the state registration does not deprive the monastery the right to use buildings of the monastery.


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