Poklonskaya plans to release products under the brand nyash-myash

Поклонская планирует выпускать товары под брендом Няш-мяш

Natalia Poklonskaya

Former “attorney General of Crimea” said that suffered brand nyash-myash. Her husband promised that under this brand will be produced only high-quality Crimean goods.

The so-called Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Crimea Natalia Polonskaya intends to manufacture products under the brand nyash-myash. This Poklonskaya announced at a press conference in Yalta, said on Monday, March 11, Crimea.Realities.

It is noted that the presentation was attended by the husband Poklonskaya Ivan Solovyov. According to him, they asked entrepreneurs who want to “make a series of products” under the brand nyash-myash, “but not to earn”.

Itself Poklonski said that the brand of her sufferings.

“I am very optimistic to the idea. This brand deserved my sufferings. At first I was very worried about nyash-myash. But then I realized that we must be able to joke. Nyash-myash is a wholly – owned Crimean brand. It is a symbol of the Crimea – nyash-myash. Our Crimea. And the second part is nyash-myash. Our Kiev,” said Poklonski.

Solovyev stressed that under the brand nyash-myash can be issued only “high-quality Crimean goods”.

Poklonskaya also presented his book about the annexation of Crimea.

Earlier, Poklonskaya laugh social sharing new year’s greetings on a horse – users responded with photoshopped pics.

Also Poklonskaya became a hero photojob after Putin’s inauguration. Then a joke was a photo of the Deputy of the state Duma, dejectedly leaning against a pillar in anticipation of the start of the ceremony.


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