Poland and Denmark have defined the route of the sea gas pipeline Baltic Pipe

Польша и Дания определили маршрут морского газопровода Baltic Pipe

The throughput capacity of the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline will be 10 billion cubic meters. It will be operated for 50 years.

Poland and Denmark ultimately chose one of two options strip of the Baltic gas pipeline (Baltic Pipe) from the continental shelf of the Norwegian sea on the Polish territory. About it told the Commissioner of the government of Poland on strategic energy infrastructure Piotr Naimski, UKRINFORM reported on Thursday, June 21.

Country stopped at the so-called Northern route pipeline, which will run through the exclusive economic zone of Sweden, and Danish and Polish Maritime areas.

“In the spring of 2020, we will move on to a new phase of the project, that is going to build this pipeline to October 2022 and it went to the first gas from Norway to Poland in accordance with the signed contracts,” Naimski said.

According to him, all permits for the construction of the pipeline would be produced in late 2019 – early 2020.

Naimski said that the contractor suggested route through the Danish and Polish Maritime territory and exclusive economic zone of Sweden with a length of 275 km.

Throughput of Baltic Pipe will be 10 billion cubic meters and the pipeline will be operated for 50 years. The Baltic pipeline will construct the Polish company Gaz system and the Danish Energinet. Thanks to the pipeline from the continental shelf of the Norwegian sea gas will get to Poland, Denmark, Sweden, and also to the markets of neighbouring countries.

Recall that in 2017 Poland and Denmark signed a Memorandum on joint implementation of the project Baltic Pipe, which will allow in the future to replace gas from Russia.

Also, the company Gaz-System requested from the Polish government permission to build and has identified kilometer-long corridor in the coastal zone, which is planned to lay a gas pipeline.

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