Poland has accused 20 people in the attack on the Ukrainians

В Польше обвинили 20 человек в нападении на украинцев

The poles interfere with the procession of Ukrainians in Przemysl

All defendants face up to three years of imprisonment.

In Poland, the Prosecutor passed to the court indictment against the 20 poles June 26, 2016 in Przemysl attacked a procession of Ukrainians. This was reported by Polish radio.

“20 people are accused of obstruction in June 2016 in Przemysl to conduct religious processions of the Greek Catholics and the Orthodox, who, after a memorial service for the Ukrainian military heroes went out of the Cathedral through the streets to the local cemetery of the Ukrainian military”, – stated in the message.

The press-Secretary of the District Prosecutor’s office in Przemysl on March Petkovska noted that the defendants in an obscene form insulted the participants by their ethnicity and power has kept ahead of the procession, preventing further movement.

In addition, five men will answer for what attacked one of the participants, preventing him to participate in the procession. The other three will be responsible for the fact that struck and pulled his clothes another man, also because of his Ukrainian nationality.

All the accused faces a sentence of up to three years of imprisonment. The indictment has already been received in District court in Przemysl.

It also became known that the prosecution accused the citizen of Poland that in December 2016 during the March, Przemysl and lwów Eaglets, passing by the Ukrainian national home in Przemysl, he shouted “Death to Ukrainians!”. Prosecutors charged him with unlawful use of threats on the Ukrainian nationality and incitement to hatred on ethnic grounds. The man threatens from three months to five years of imprisonment.

As reported Корреспондент.netin may, in Poland there have been two violent attacks on Ukrainians on the grounds of national hatred.

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