Poland lost leverage in the EU and can not defend Ukraine’s interests in Brussels

Польша потеряла рычаги влияния в ЕС и не может отстаивать интересы Украины в Брюсселе

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Last Thursday, EU leaders adopted a Declaration, which has deprived Ukrainians of hope for integration with the European Union even in the long term. Because of the blackmail of the Dutch, it was decided that the Association Agreement, which on the Maidan people were dying and negotiations which lasted for seven years (the implementation is still the same), will not bring Ukraine to the status of a candidate country. In this case, it becomes unclear what can bring her to it, the more that Brussels will not increase the already modest assistance to our Eastern neighbor will not give its citizens the right to work and will not provide them with military assistance. Ukraine, which paid for dreams about Europe’s loss of Crimea and Donbas, and the standard of living which fell below those of Morocco, should take as consolation prize the abolition of tourist visas to the EU under strict conditions. This privilege for many years have, for example, the countries of Latin America. After the collapse of communism, the Polish government tried to support Ukrainian aspirations for integration with Europe. It was one of the pillars of our foreign policy, method, designed to move away from our borders of the Russian Empire. Why is the head of the Polish government for a few hours in Brussels have agreed to these concessions?

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Poland began to lose influence on the EU policy towards Ukraine three years ago, when Russia responded to the aggression on the Maidan. While the “Eastern partnership”, which promoted the Warsaw and Stockholm remained the innocent project on the “expansion of freedom”, the Germans and French have agreed that Europe’s relations with Kiev remained in Polish hands. But when Russia entered the war, they stood at the helm of negotiations with the Kremlin. Despite this, Poland could still affect the conditions of implementation of the Association Agreement. At the summit of “Eastern partnership” in 2015, promises the membership to give, however, failed, however, due to the Association of the Ukraine were to become a state, which “matured” to ensure that in the future to join the EU.

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It was a time when Poland thanks to the support of Germany and France in the framework of the “Weimar triangle” could be held in the Council of the European Union is favorable for Ukrainians solutions. But all in the past. Now in Warsaw remained in Brussels the partners of the first tier. The French turned their backs on us, the Germans keep their distance, the Swedes left Ukraine, disillusioned with the slow progress of Ukrainian reforms. We cannot count on the support of the Eastern policy of the visegrád group, as Prime Ministers of Hungary and Slovakia did not hide his visit to Vladimir Putin. As allies we still have the Baltic States who will do everything possible to distance the prospect of Russian aggression, but their voice in the EU Council is too light weight to change if management summit strategic decisions. Poland on the European platform has become for Ukrainians by and large useless. The question is, when they finally realize it.

Jędrzej Bielecki

The Independent

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