Poland Russia fined for shoddy gas

Польша оштрафует Россию за некачественный газ

The head of the Polish company PGNiG said that gas supplies from the East are always “risky”.

Poland fined Russia for deliveries of low-quality gas, which Warsaw has ceased to take away from the Yamal pipeline since June 21. This was stated by the head of the Polish oil and gas company PGNiG Piotr Wozniak, reports UKRINFORM.

“In this regard, PGNiG will be forced to impose on Gazprom a fine in accordance with the contract,” said Wozniak.

According to him, if the supply of gas needs to Poland will be resumed from 23 June, it will not affect the heating season 2017-2018. However, if Russia will continue to transport low-quality gas, PGNiG will be forced to take gas to meet the country’s needs from their own vaults on the South of the country.

Now the lack of gas is covered by use of reserves from the tank Grave in the center of the country, and suspend filling of the reservoirs in southern Poland.

“If the interruption lasts longer, you we will be forced to change the mode of filling of the southern reservoirs,” stated Wozniak.

He stressed that the Russian side did not inform the Polish side about the reason for the transport low-quality gas. According to him, they can be “different”, primarily technical.

The head of PGNiG also said that Russian gas from Yamal pipeline to continue without obstacles is transported to Europe and entered the markets. He stressed that Germany operates a drying station, the gas is cleaned of impurities. But Poland has no such station, as the Russian side opposed this at the stage of construction of the Yamal pipeline.

Wozniak noted that the gas supplies from the East are always “risky” because it can cause a situation similar to the current one, or Russia may close in 2019 pipeline, which passes through Ukraine.

A Polish expert on energy issues, Peter Machanic noted that gas is deliberately diluted in the territory of Russia or Belarus. According to him, is “a political signal” Warsaw from Moscow before the visit of US President Donald trump in Poland 6 July on the summit of the Three seas (the Baltic – Adriatic – Black sea), as well as a signal to the US that they didn’t go too far into the Russian sphere of influence.

As reported Корреспондент.neton the eve of Poland temporarily refused to Russian gas, which flows from Germany through the reverse pipeline Yamal-Europe. The reason for not pumping Russian gas is called its poor quality.