Poland supports Kiev in a dispute with Budapest

Польша поддержала Киев в споре с Будапештом

Poland against the revision of the Agreement on Association of Ukraine with EU

Warsaw is in favour of dialogue between Ukraine and Hungary in the language dispute.

Poland opposes revision of the agreement on Association of Ukraine with the European Union and encourages Kiev and Budapest to resolve through dialogue a dispute over Ukrainian law “About education”. This is stated in the Polish foreign Ministry statement in response to the request of UKRINFORM.

“Poland sees no possibility of revising the Association Agreement or of the Agreement on deep free trade area with Ukraine. The Polish side encourages partners from Hungary and Ukraine to solve disputable question of law on education through dialogue, based on respect for the rights of national minorities and the international and bilateral agreements,” – said in a statement.

The foreign Ministry noted that the specifics of teaching the Polish language in Ukraine is somewhat different than Hungarian.

“We also inform you that the Polish Ministry of foreign Affairs and education are closely monitoring the questions of influence of the relevant law on the Polish education and are in constant contact with our Ukrainian partners”, – said in a statement.

So, October 26, will meet the Minister of education of Ukraine Lilia Hrynevych with representatives of the Polish minority in Ukraine.

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It is also noted that Poland attaches great importance to the study of the Polish language not only in Ukraine, but in any country where poles live.

Note, presiding in the European Union, Estonia also supports the desire of Hungary to revise the Association agreement between Ukraine and the EU.

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