Poland wants to close the pedestrian crossing in the Village

Польша хочет закрыть пешеходный пункт пропуска в Угринове

Polish border guards believe that at the checkpoint there are no conditions that guarantee the safety of the pedestrian crossing.

The border service of Poland does not recommend to renew the experimental pedestrian crossing uhryniv−Dolhobychiv, which expires in June, writes European true.

Activist initiatives Pedestrian crossings Jakub Loginov said that he had received an official letter on this subject from the Lublin Voivodeship. In it, in particular, assured that they were interested in continuing the work of the crossing point and sent a request to the appropriate service.

At the same time, Polish border guard, in response said that does not recommend to renew the checkpoint due to the lack of conditions to guarantee the safety of people crossing the border on foot.

The document stated that “the future of the project must depend on the creation of appropriate conditions and infrastructure, made exclusively for pedestrians”.

Polish border guards said that the crossing has considerably increased the number of buses because it is designed for road transport.

Recall that in late 2016, Poland also appealed to Ukraine with a request to extend the validity of a pedestrian crossing point uhryniv-Dolhobychiv, but in the end agreed to extend the experiment to 30 June 2017.

The guards conducted an experiment on the border with Poland