Poland wants to equate Ukrainian nationalism with Nazism

Польша хочет приравнять украинский национализм к нацизму

Destroyed monument to the Ukrainians in the village of Werchrata

Under the ban can get even the monuments to Taras Shevchenko.

In Poland, Ukrainian nationalism can be equated to the Communist and Nazi totalitarian regimes, and a significant part of Ukrainian monuments attributed to the symbols of totalitarianism and disassemble. About it writes UKRINFORM.

It provides for changes to the law banning the promotion of communism or other totalitarian regime in the names of streets, houses and public buildings that has sparked protests of representatives of the national minorities of Poland.

“Others (except the Communist – ed.) is considered to be a totalitarian device, in particular, fascism, German Nazism, Ukrainian and Lithuanian nationalism, Prussian, Russian, and German militarism… Individuals, organizations, or events that symbolize communism or other totalitarian device cannot be celebrated or promoted by the monuments”, – stated in the proposals to the law.

In addition, the draft would oblige local authorities to dismantle this kind of monuments.

In Poland broke the monument to soldiers of the UPA

In the Polish Sejm at the session of the Commission on national and ethnic minorities, some Polish politicians and representatives of national minorities expressed concern about the project to those changes, noting that it will cause tension in the relations of the Polish state with minorities of the country and also neighbouring countries.


“This is a very serious problem that can lead to war of monuments”, – said the member of the Seimas, the representative of the German minority in the Parliament, Ryszard Galla.

According to him, it particularly hit by the German, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Belarusian, and Slovak minorities, respectively, may adversely affect relations with these countries.

From love to hate. The problems of Ukrainians in Poland

During the discussion of the draft law-known Polish historian Grzegorz Motyka stressed that “Ukrainian nationalism,” if you want you can accuse someone of Ukrainian historical persons.

“The Ukrainian nationalists could be considered, for example, ataman Simon Petlyura, who was an ally Jozef Pilsudski, but he was brought in by Soviet propaganda to the nationalists,” said Motyka.

He added that he knows in Poland people who consider the Ukrainian nationalists even of Taras Shevchenko.

In turn, the Chairman of the Association of Ukrainians in Poland, Piotr Tym noted that the law is flawed and contains many gaps. He stressed that “may begin to appear absurd initiatives regarding dismantling, such as monuments of Shevchenko.”

Changes to this this act can take in the Polish Parliament this week.

How indeed added Корреспондент.netin October in Poland at the cemetery in the village of Werchrata vandals destroyed the monument to Ukrainians who died during the Second world war, including the soldiers of the UPA.

A few days in Poland apologized for the incident. A statement issued by the head of the Solidarity Fund PL, former foreign Minister of Poland Krzysztof Stanowski.

In Poland, has prepared claims for restitution in Ukraine