Pole due to a rare disease in the 25 years looks like a child

Поляк из-за редкой болезни в 25 лет выглядит ребенком

25-year-old Tomas Nadolsky looks due to disease as a boy

The disease causes a man constant discomfort. It needs to be with a drip for 20 hours a day.

Pole Tomasz Nadolsky with a rare disease in the 25 years looks like a 12-year-old child. The reason is Fabry disease, which causes him constant discomfort and pain. About it writes Daily Mail.

The young man is forced to use morphine patches and other painkillers. 20 hours a day connected to a drip, and his deformed feet need special shoes.

For the first time the disease manifested itself when Nadolska was seven years old. He began to complain of pain in the abdomen, arms and legs. Also, he was overcome by frequent vomiting.

Initially the doctors tried to explain the symptoms of a mental disorder. Correct diagnosis doctors put only recently.

Because a child’s appearance Nadolski experiencing a lot of inconvenience. Relatives treat him like a child, while others believe that he is 25 years old. Also a man is often accused that his documents are false.

Earlier it was reported that the patient is HIV a resident of the US has changed the floor and “turned” himself into a dragon.

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