Pole trial for the slogan “Death to Ukrainians”

Поляка судят за лозунг "Смерть украинцам"

In Poland, judged one of the marchers

Man accused of shouting of provocative slogans during a March in Przemysl.

For expressing threats against Ukrainians and call for hatred on national grounds in Poland have charged a 30-year-old man. It is reported Gazetaprawna.pl.

Suspect Adrian N. is a resident of the city of Sochi and has a higher education. On the basis of the charges he faces from 3 months to 5 years of imprisonment.

According to the Prosecutor Martha Pentkowski, press Secretary of the Prosecutor’s office in Przemysl, the suspect, who admitted that he participated in the March, you can see two videos made on the streets of Przemysl.

On one of the videos you can see and hear, he shouted: “Polish Przemysl, Lviv”, and the second video, hear his call: “Death to Ukrainians”.

It is reported that the suspect categorically denies that he shouted these slogans.

The Prosecutor added that the author of the second video recognized the suspect and indicated that he was shouting anti-Ukrainian slogans.

“Given the fact that the suspect does not recognize that shouted “Death to Ukrainians,” and the witness identified him and confirmed that he shouted, it will be necessary to conduct a voice identification on a recording,” – said Petkovska.

The organizers of the March say that made the video is a provocation, and expressing doubts about the record itself.

Recall March in the Polish city of Przemysl was held on December 10. The participants of the “March of the eagles Przemysl and Lviv”, which was held under the patronage of the mayor of the city, shouting “Death to Ukrainians”. Ukraine also asked to investigate the incident in Przemysl.