Police accidentally shot a player during a match

Полицейский случайно подстрелил футболиста во время матча

Kiros was immediately brought to a hospital

Football world South America almost shocked another tragedy.

As you know, people in South America live temperamental, and if you talk about football fans, this national characteristic is to be multiplied by ten.

Another match of the second League of the championship of Argentina football almost ended in tragedy because of the excessive fervor of the fans. During the match the raging fans in the stands began to calm down the football team Almagro Franco Kiros. When his exhortations were deadlocked, the situation decided to intervene the law enforcement agencies by firing rubber bullets in the direction of the stands.

In the end, as it turned out, the police of Argentina does not claim to be sharpshooters, as one of the representatives of the security forces managed to get up to Kyros. Fortunately, his life is out of danger now the player is in the hospital.

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