Police called city leaders “mining”

В полиции назвали города-лидеры "минирования"

Often “undermine” objects in the large cities

Most of the reports of the mining act to email addresses. However, a large number of ip addresses of senders registered in the territory of Russia.

In Ukraine sharply increased the number of false reports of mining. Since the beginning of this year they received more than 1.5 thousand, whereas for the whole of 2017 was only 700 of these messages. On Thursday, 2 August, said the Deputy Chairman of the National police Vyacheslav Abroskin, reports the press service of the Ministry.

He noted that such crimes are more characteristic of large cities of Ukraine.

“So, most false reports about mining this year recorded by the police in Kharkov – almost a thousand. In the Lviv region was 155 such reports, in Kiev – 122, in Odessa region – 40 in Dnipropetrovsk 33,” – said Abroskin.

He also said that often “mined” stores and shopping centers. In 2018 registered almost 600 of these facts. In addition, 550 times had falsely reported about mining enterprises, institutions and organizations, and about 90 times the space authorities.

Most reports of mining enters the email address is 985 cases of 1.5 thousand. However, a large number of ip addresses of senders registered in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Abroskin said that responding to false reports about mining spent significant resources.

“There are police, SES, doctors, other services. In addition, it is necessary to carry out the evacuation of staff and visitors. Suspended work objects themselves, which were directed such unlawful acts. And all these messages are aimed solely at fomenting tension in the society and destabilize the situation in the country”, – said Vyacheslav Abroskin.

В полиции назвали города-лидеры "минирования"



We will remind, on the eve of re “mined” the High Council of justice. The message arrived on phone of national police.

The previous day in Kiev “mined” the inter TV channel. The message is also received by phone.


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