Police in Kiev have confirmed armed robbery of police officer

В полиции Киева подтвердили разбойное ограбление правоохранителя

Deputy head of police security to physical security in Kiev Nicholas Vicar broadcast “112 Ukraine” has confirmed that this afternoon the attackers, threatening with a pistol, robbed a police officer.

The attack on the employee of management of police of protection for physical security, there were about 13:45 at the main office.

The tapes and the testimony of the victim testify that the criminals in masks were armed with pistols.

“When he arrived in the office came out of the car, he went to the entrance of the office. He rode the car, it ran two unknown men in masks and using weapons seized protection, as well as his personal belongings: a bag in which was a gun for shooting rubber bullets, as well as his personal belongings. After this, the attackers boarded the car brand Volkswagen Golf 3 and left in an unknown direction. Currently, the interception, the search continues,” – said the Vicar.

Earlier media reported that in the Solomensky district of Kiev unknown persons in masks robbed a police service weapon, non-lethal weapons and official ID.