Police in the Transcarpathian region found during the transport of the defendant marijuana in hot dogs

Полиция в Закарпатской обл. обнаружила во время конвоирования подсудимого марихуану в хот-догах

In Perechyn, Transcarpathian region, the police found during the escort to court concluded marijuana hidden in hot dogs. About it reported in GU the National police.

“24-year-old resident of Perechyn is under investigation for committing a crime. The police escorted the detainee from the detention center in Perechyn, Uzhgorod court for consideration of criminal proceedings. 23-year-old brother of the detainee, previously convicted for rape, gave him three hot dogs. After seeing food, police found three bags with marijuana weighing about 50 grams,” – said in the message.

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The police say that in the case of confirmation by examination of the presence of the drug, those who gave, face criminal liability. On this fact investigation is made.

We will remind, in Odessa region the man tried to smuggle 250 grams of marijuana hidden in jars of jam and sauerkraut.