Police lance has imposed a ban on alcohol during the Euro 2016

Полиция Ланса ввела запрет на алкоголь во время Евро-2016

The Stade Bollaert, Lens

French police continue to take every measure for the security associated with the holding of Euro 2016.

The police of the city of LANs impose 24-hour ban on the sale and consumption of alcohol during the matches of Euro-2016. First of all these security measures connected with well-known violent temper of the English fans.

The fact that the match second round in group B between England and Wales will take place in lens. British Derby, quite possibly will become one of the hottest on the passions in terms of fan opposition. In this regard the measures taken by the French police can be easily explained.

Drinking beverages is prohibited on city streets, both before and after the match. Access to alcohol is possible only in the fan zones.

We will add that according to the French police the total number of tourists which will arrive to France from the United Kingdom can approach the half-million.

A ban on the use of alcohol will act in the other matches played in lens, so it will spread on the matches Czech Republic – Turkey and Albania – Switzerland.

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