Police: Military unit was not exciting

Полиция: Воинскую часть никто не захватывал

The police did not prosecute

“Raiders” were the builders, according to the regional national police.

Police of Odessa region denies the statement of Ukraine on the seizure of the military unit near Odessa. According to militiamen, the place came to ordinary builders and began work near the base, not on it, said Advisor to the head of the regional national police Ruslan Forostyak the TV channel 112 Ukraine.

“I want to refute the information spread by the press service. Indeed, the duty of got the message about these actions. Police went to the scene and found that, first, construction work referred to, are adjacent to military unit territory, i.e. abroad. The Builder has all the necessary documents from the local authorities”, – he said.

However, no aunts were found.

“After examining the camera and after reviewing the materials, we found out that it is not aunts or unidentified individuals in balaclavas and ordinary construction workers who built your fence with the help of technology. Conventional building process without violence and aunts. I know that the conflict is long-standing and the base is the fact that the land located beyond the fence of the military unit, interested in both military and different dealers. I know that city Council has allocated part of this land for construction of a hypermarket,” said Forostyak.

Also Forostyak added that the property about the export of which is stated in the unit, it is actually debris. No production police was not opened.

Earlier it was reported that in Odessa this morning, about 08:45 unknown in balaclavas tried to seize part of the territory of a military facility, which is owned by the defense Ministry.