Police resumed the investigation into the theft from the Cabinet of two paintings

Полиция возобновила расследования кражи из Кабмина двух картин

Police resumed the investigation into the theft of a valuable Cabinet of pictures

Cases of theft of paintings by Ukrainian artist Nikolai Gluschenko sent for re-investigation.

Police resumed the investigation of the theft from the Cabinet two paintings of the Village by the river and the Dnieper gave artist Nikolai Gluschenko after the appeal of journalists of the Schemes in the preparation of the material In search of the lost art. On Friday, October 6, informs Radio Liberty.

It is noted that these works had disappeared from the Cabinet in 2011, after the national art Museum of Ukraine handed them back on temporary exhibition. Then the Museum staff for several years were not allowed to the government building for the annual checking of these paintings, and then instead of originals, the Museum returned the fakes.

According to the investigator of Pechersky district Department of police Alexey Tymkiv, that criminal proceedings could be committed by persons from the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers or persons who have direct access to the offices, where he kept these paintings, namely in the office of the Vice Prime Minister Semynozhenko.

Tymkiv said that after studying the materials of criminal proceedings will be to conduct investigative and procedural actions to establish the circumstances of the crime and the persons involved in it.

According to media reports, the last time the Ministry has updated the registry for the missing works in 2015. It reveals that in the 1990s and 2000s, the years had stolen hundreds of ancient cultural values: paintings Glushchenko, Caravaggio, Primachenko, coins, sculptures. However, this registry is far from complete.



We will remind, on March 29, 2012, the media reported that the Cabinet has lost four valuable paintings that belong to the National art Museum. We are talking about the works of impressionist Mykola Hlushchenko: fishing In the farm in 1952, sails on the sea 1951, the Dnieper gave 1937 and the Village by the river 1951. After publication in the government offices of the picture was, however, only the first two. As for the paintings of the Dnieper Dahlia Village by the river, the Museum staff said that they are false.