Police revealed details of the operation at the funeral of “kingpin”

Полиция раскрыла детали спецоперации на похоронах "вора в законе"

Detention at the funeral Lehi Krasnodon

Detainees in Svyatogorsk turned out to be petty criminals.

Most of the detainees at the funeral of “thief in law” nicknamed Leh Krasnodon in the Donetsk region are all criminals of the lowest rank , said the head of Donetsk regional police Vyacheslav Abroskin.

“We and our colleagues conducted preventive work. As a result of the RAID were checked personality 88 “respectable citizens”, mainly fine tailoring… though with a serious departure dates. Rank higher comrades refused to come to the meeting to our area knowing that we had a serious temper and attitude. In Donetsk region there are no “thieves in law” and never will be”, – Abroskin wrote in Facebook.

He also reported that after appropriate validation “none “authoritative comrades, the criminal police of the Donetsk region are not interested”.

We will remind, before SBU declared that at the funeral of “kingpin” Lehi in Krasnodon Donetsk region detained 106 “criminal authorities”.