Police state. The MP called the figures for the security forces

Полицейское государство. Нардеп назвал цифры расходов на силовиков

In prison there is more money than the Academy of Sciences, said in the Verkhovna Rada.

The state budget for 2017 was “the budget of the security forces.” This was stated by MP Yuriy Boyko, who was quoted by the press service of the Opposition bloc.

“The already record defense budget increased by another half a billion,” – said the MP.

According to him, an additional 142 million is allocated to Ukroboronprom, which systematically does not fulfill defense orders, and their power loads high on the third.

A billion more than last year, and SBU – more than six billion hryvnia, said Boyko.

Child of the night. What you need to know about the budget-2017

51% more compared with the year 2016 will be given to the attorney General, at 10.7% of the National guard. “Together is two and a half times more than all the articles of support for the agricultural sector”, – said the leader of the opposition bloc.

12.8% more will receive the national police, which is almost a billion more than all the budget programs of the Ministry of health.

And finally, 10.1% will increase spending on the prison system. “The government clearly predicts social and political protest, riots, and accordingly strengthens the system of execution of punishments”, – said Boyko.

“As a whole – the prison stands out more than all the scientific activities of the National Academy of Sciences”, – concluded the MP.

Budget-2017 was adopted on the night of 21 December. Voted for the document the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko and people’s front, Radical party, and factional group “will of the people” and “restoration”.

After the adoption of the document in the camp BPP talk about the decline of the new government.

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